Jewelry Sizing Guide

The Sparkling Spur Jewelry Sizing Guide gives you all the essential information needed to find the jewelry that fits your ideal ensemble. We have provided useful visuals that will help you during your shopping process. All of our pieces have jewelry measurements (length and width) information listed. Once you find something you really love just refer to the images and size charts below to make sure they'll give you the look you want. 

Necklace Measurements

Bracelet Measurements

To give an accurate sizing, we use the inner circumference opening of a cuff bracelet to get the final measurement. You can use these charts to help navigate our system and find the jewelry measurements that will be a perfect fit.

It is important to remember that some bracelets, like cuff bracelets, are not adjustable. Trying to bend these bracelets so they fit could result in damaging the bracelet or losing stones. 

As a helpful hint, you can take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist, then measure the length of the string with a ruler or a fabric ruler to find your measurement. Many jewelers say a quarter inch above or below will most likely still fit, it all just depends in your preference for tight or loose fitting jewelry.

Link Bracelet Measurements

We measure the length of the link bracelets a bit differently depending on what type of clasp it has. In the item listing, it will describe the number of links in the bracelet and how long each link is. 

  • For lobster clasp bracelets, we measure the length of the bracelet and subtract 1/8" from the full length
  • Toggle bar and clasp bracelets, we measure the length of the bracelet and subtract 1/8" from the full length. 
  • For box clasp bracelets, we measure form the start of one box clasp to the right before the second clasp starts. 

Ring Measurements

Our rings are measured in the universal ring size. However, it is important to note that our store does not resize rings. If you choose to alter the rings from an outside jeweler, the item in question will not be returnable for cash, exchange, or credit either. Usually the sizing of rings are done before the stones are set, as they must quickly be heated and reshaped (which would damage any gemstones already set in piece).