Tiffiany, the energetic founder of, and creative spark behind The Sparkling Spur, has always been noted for her unique fashion sense.  She doesn’t follow trends. She creates new ones.  She is always on the move and always searching for new ideas and inspirations for the latest Sparkling Spur collection.  Ever marching to the beat of her own drum, she has forged a style that is uniquely her own – a mix of Native American, cowboy & western, rocker glam and biker – One that is unexpected but always dazzling.

Tiffiany has never been content to simply wear ordinary fashion trends.  Filled with an inner confidence, she’s always moved on in search of a new style once the current look gets hot.  It’s her ability to see beyond the conventional, and to effortlessly blend diverse fashion, that has defined her style – and it’s also what defines The Sparkling Spur’s Style.

Tiffiany grew up in the rugged beauty and sweeping plains of North Dakota. She inherited that cowboy spirit from those lands. Tiffiany is also Lower Brule Sioux on her mom’s side, and Mandan & Hidatsa on her dad’s side, so she imparts to The Sparkling Spur collection a rich culture and proud traditions that stretch back thousands of years.  When you meet her, she’s likely to tell you, “We’re the Cowboys & the Indians."

She also comes from a family of entrepreneurs.  She watched how both her mom and dad’s family treated their customers with kindness, respect, and understanding.  Tiffiany brings those same values to The Sparkling Spur.  You can always count on her to be kind and gracious to her customers. 

Tiffiany says, “My customers know that I want them to look their absolute best.  I want them to feel fabulous.”

The Sparkling Spur, Junction of Highway 73 and Highway 22, Mandaree, North Dakota, 701.421.1489