• Dentalium Dragonfly - Medium

Quill Bill

Dentalium Dragonfly - Medium

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Precious and uniquely designed.  This Quill Bill creation showcases dentalium dragonflies. They are fashioned from meticulously, hand-selected and sculpted dentalium and silver beads.  

Dragonfly symbolism or the tusweca (Lakota language) is important to the Lakota and many other Northern Plains Tribes. The tusweca is considered a protector and is thought of as being able to transcend worlds, often being considered a messenger for relatives who have passed on. Tusweca were also considered teachers, especially for warriors such that, their speed, strength, and agility is considered a model for warriors' skills and abilities. Tusweca is also held in spiritual significance along with other thunder beings including whirlwinds, swallows, horses, dogs, ants, etc.

Measurements: 1.50” x 2” Earring weighs a comfortable .03oz

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